The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You To Conserve Energy And Get Fit


As off-putting as they are, common house chores such as washing the dishes or doing the laundry can never be entirely avoided.

The latest invention by a number of Chinese students seems to be the perfect solution to making these chores more appealing! The thing is you can finish your task and burn calories at the same time.

This invention, called BiWa or the Bike Washing Machine, combines several tasks – it helps you wash your clothes, exercise and save energy. It looks much like a static bike, only that it has an installed door, drum, and dispenser. It uses human power to operate as you must cycle in order to wash your clothes.


There’s also a small display screen which shows how much exercise you need to do to finish the washing cycle.

On the plus side, this bike stores the extra energy and uses it the next time you want to wash clothes.

This incredible invention is still not available on the market, although it has stirred a lot of interest among consumers. It seems to be perfect for the time-poor as it’s extremely time-efficient – you get to do two things at once – do your laundry and workout!

Plus, it saves money and energy!


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