Medical miracle: Baking Soda!


Sodium bicarbonate is called “medical miracle” because it has many uses and many health benefits. It is readily available, and in folk medicine is well known as a natural remedy.

Sodium bicarbonate is useful in a wide range of diseases

There is more scientific evidence to suggest that sodium bicarbonate without aluminum can become a primary and universal medicine for a wide range of diseases. Some research claims that it can be used from treatments for fungal diseases, all the way to improving the condition of cancer and diabetes. Therefore, some researchers believe that it should be part of the treatment and treatment of many diseases of today.

What is the positive impact of sodium bicarbonate without aluminum?

Millions of people around the world consume this “natural remedy” in drinking water because of prevention or as therapy for clinical acidosis – in the public a very familiar condition as “acids in the stomach”.
In a number of developed EU countries, oncologists have been routinely using bicarbonate for decades to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


What happens in the body when we take baking soda?

All biochemical reactions, which take place in the cells of our body, depend on the pH value. The lower the body’s pH value, the greater the problem for cellular physiology. Some of the causes of low or acidic pH values ​​are:

  •  Frequently ingesting synthetic drugs,
  •  diet based on foods that cause acidity in the body,
  •  stress,
  •  expressing and accumulating negative emotions.

All of these causes can lead to cell deaths and serious health problems – cancer, candidiasis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, stomach ulcer.
The fact that our body works best in an alkaline environment is in addition to baking soda. Its useful spectrum is really very wide. By introducing sodium bicarbonate without aluminum, the low pH value is neutralized, ie pH-balance in the cells is established. It works by spreading the blood vessels and stimulating the release of oxygen into the tissues, thereby increasing the pH value.

The increased pH of the urine prevents crystallization of the uric acid into the urinary tract, thereby helping against a range of consequences, such as diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, gout, kidney stones, etc.
It is considered that the simultaneous intake of baking soda and magnesium chloride helps in the treatment of heart disease, neurological diseases and more severe forms of influenza. Some researchers argue that the joint effect of these two substances effectively removes toxins and acids from cells, tissues, and organs.


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