He’s 125 years, cook and walk 3 kilometers a day: This is his secret to longevity!


This old man recently spent his hundred

According to biologists, longevity is completely expected in ideal conditions. The definition of ideal conditions depends on person to person.

Some may say that the most important is genetics. But even if your ancestors did not live long, it does not mean that you will live the same as them. Genetics can give you up to 30% of life expectancy at most.

Everything else depends on you. Other factors are under your control, such as behavior, nutrition and lifestyle.

While many centenarians claim that diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle have contributed to their longevity, other people completely break down those theories.

One of them is the 125-year-old old man from Lebanon, Suliman Al-Mul, who, by the way, smokes daily for more than 40 years.

He is very energetic and movable, cooked, a chain of trees, walking 3 kilometers a day and has a seven-year-old son.


Twice he was married, his first wife died after 70 years of life and she had seven children with her. She now lives with her second wife, who claims he still sees other women.

His advice on health and longevity is that you need to consume healthy and quality food, as well as discipline.

The secret is in the type and quality of the diet. I eat as much as I need. Do not even approach food containing unknown ingredients and avoid oils produced on the market. Pure olive oil, honey and goat oil are an elixir for good health and long life.

Tea for longevity

  • Another secret is his special magic tea, which he claims can bring the dead back to life.
  • The recipe for this special tea is a simple blend of carob, thymine, cinnamon and fennel.
  • All this should be put in hot boiled water, drain it and drink it every day.

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