Get Rid Of The Whiteheads And Blackheads Naturally


In order to have and maintain a beautiful and clear skin it takes a lot of effort, time and consistency.Lots of dermatologists are recommending different products which are quite expensive and it takes a long time until they start acting. Here we have some homemade remedies that you can incorporate in your daily beauty regimen to get rid of the whiteheads and blackheads. And after few weeks of daily usage of the homemade remedies you will experience a drastic reduction, even a total elimination of the issue.


First wash your face with warm water. Then, take a bowl and squeeze the juice of one lemon in it, add a pinch of salt and stir the mixture for a few times. Gently apply the mixture on the whiteheads and blackheads. Leave it on to act for about 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.


Mix cornstarch with vinegar in a 3:1 ratio making a paste. Apply the paste on the problematic areas and let it act for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse the paste with warm water and a cloth.


Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with three tablespoons of plain yogurt. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture. Stir the mixture constantly until you get a homogenous mixture and apply it on the problematic areas on the face. Let the mixture act for 5 to 7 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.


First grind some oatmeal into powder in a blender and add some rose water in it. Apply this on the affected areas and let it stay for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash it off with cold water.

Almond or Oatmeal

Mix either oatmeal or almond powder with just enough rose water to make a spreadable paste. Apply it to your problem areas with your fingertips first and then apply it to the rest of your face. Let it set for about 15 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water.



The toothpaste is an effective whitehead and blackhead remover. Apply a thin paste ontheproblematic areas and leave it on for at least 25 minutes. It is likely that you will feel a burning sensation when you apply the thin layer of toothpaste, but this is normal and it will stop quickly. Immediately after you remove the toothpaste, you will notice that the tops of your whiteheads and blackheads have disappeared, but you still need to thoroughly wash your face to remove the buildup underneath. Repeat theprocedure every other day for two weeks.


Tomatoes are full with natural antiseptic properties that successfully dry up the whiteheads and blackheads on your face.  Take a small tomato, peel it and mash it. Apply the tomato pulp on your whiteheads and blackheads before sleeping. Leave the tomato pulp on your face all night and then wash it offwith warm water in the morning.


You can also use equal parts of cinnamon powder and lime juice and apply the mixture on your blackheads and whiteheads. Leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Coriander Leaves

In water mix a little turmeric powder and some coriander leaves forming a paste. Use this as a mask to get rid of the blackheads.


Put some rice in milk and let it soak for 5 hours, then grind it in a blender until you get a paste-like mass. Use the paste as a scrub on the problematic areas of the body.


Grate few raw potatoes and then gently rub the affected areas with the mixture. Rinse it off after15 minutes.

Baking Soda

Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water in ratio 1:1 and rub it on your face or other body areas that are prone to blackheads. Leave it on to act for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Fenugreek Leaves

In water crush some fenugreek leaves and mix until you form a paste. Apply the paste on your faceand leave it on for 15 minutes, then remove it. In order to keep your face free of blackheads you need to repeat this procedure every night.


Honey is also great for removing blackheads and whiteheads. Apply honey on the affected areas and remove it after 15 minutes. Remember notto pinch, press,poke,scrape, or squeeze your skin too hard!


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