30 Second Pulse Test To Tell If Your Thyroid Is Being Affected By Food Allergies


Generally, the average person knows little about thyroid disorders and their harmful effects upon health. Plus, there are many diseases and illnesses that have similar symptoms and it can be difficult for a doctor to make a quick diagnosis.

Thyroid disorders can produce a multitude of symptoms that can affect any or every part of the body. It is therefore important to have a thyroid function test to rule out any possibility of thyroid abnormalities.

Food sensitivity and environmental allergies can significantly disrupt your thyroid function.

Checking your pulse on the inside of your wrist, below your thumb can help you determine whether your thyroid is functioning properly and what food or environmental factors to avoid.

How you do the test:

  1. Put 2 fingers of your other hand on the artery pressing lightly. (See picture).
  2. Don’t use your thumb as it has a pulse of its own.
  3. Count the beats for 30 seconds, then double the result so as to get the number of beats per minute.

How you interpret the results:

  1. If your pulse is constant (plus/minus 1 or 2 beats) for 3 consecutive days, then your thyroid is fine, which means there are no food allergens that compromise its function.
  2. If your pulse taken when standing is stronger than your pulse when sitting, it could mean a possible food or environmental sensitivity.
  3. If your daily maximal pulse differs for more than 2 beats from day to day, you are showing signs of sensitivity unless you are suffering from an infection.
  4. If your pulse is 6 beats stronger than your average maximum after consuming a particular food or meal, you are showing intolerance to that food or some ingredient in that meal.
  5. If your pulse rate is not normally the slowest before rising, after your night’s rest, it could generally indicate that there’s an allergen in your environment such as dust, dust mites, or something else in your sleeping environment – perfume, your mattress, your pillow, etc.

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